Friday, March 6, 2009

some good footage

Eric dropped by today on his way to work with some footage he shot last night at work. A very cool short clip of lights flashing by a patient on a gurney. (Patients perspective) In this case the patient was a camera lying on the gurney filming while being pushed down a corridor. Sound and everything. Hospitals are noisy places.

I'm loving it.

I ordered my tee shirt and some other cool stuff today. (notepad, magnets, magnetic calenders, postcards, post-it notes) Most of which will either be for contests or as thank you gifts for various people.

I want to check out some places that do pens and another place that does badges. Which I will do next week.

Haven't had a chance to open Barry Eisler's new book yet. Am hoping I'll get some time over the weekend. People are lining up to read it... lol.

Met Bex and the boys on the bus this morning, I planned it to surprise her. She was surprised. The kids were pleased! We got some play time in, which is always fun. Always fun hanging out with Bex and the kids. Always has been - but it's getting more so the older she gets.

Not much else going on really. Breezy is currently sitting on the naughty step because she hit her sister with a cup on the shoulder. She's just being a tired, cranky three-year-old. But mummy has had a gutsful of her behavior today. (and yesterday)

This bullshit humid weather needs to stop. It's supposed to be Autumn! It's supposed to be crisp and cool, not sticky, wet, and hot. It's causing much annoyance especially in small people.

Off out to the Stupidmarket shortly. Maybe I should drop Breezy off in the freezer section! That might cool her down. It annoys me that we end up at the stupidmarket three times a bloody week, and still run out of things! I think, maybe, if I stopped feeding everyone we wouldn't have to go so often. (although the whining may get a little irksome)

Joshy has added reading tutor to his already impressive list of school activities for his final year at college. He's amazing. And one awesome teenager. Who is currently at work. It's the weekend (well Friday evening), he works all weekend. - Which hopefully means I won't have to shell out for his basketball shoes this season? Not that I mind. :)

Right off to sort this child out.

She's one sweaty cranky little beast.


Chuck Dilmore said...

Good writing!
Thank you!


Cat Connor said...

Thanks for dropping by Chuck!

I see you...

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