Monday, March 9, 2009

A notable MySpace absence!

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It's true I'm not blogging much at the moment. It's not for lack of things to yap about, it's simply lack of time.

I also tend to blog, when I do blog, over at my other blog (which is here, yes I cut and pasted this from MySpace - I know how slack... but deal with it!) ... and really cannot be bothered with the way MySpace fucks up formatting when one tries to cut and paste into here... and as for adding a link... I think we all know it will tell you I have lice and disallow the blog site. Even though I don't, and it's a perfectly safe blog... unless you are a troll. If you are at all troll like then you should never, I repeat, NEVER go to one of my blogs. You may recognize yourself, or worse still someone completely independent may recognize you and tell you so!

Now where were we?

Did I tell you about the Battle barge, wicked bitch of the north? Or as I prefer to call her now - the Northern-most-troll-of-doom. Seems her and her flying monkeys think everything is about them, and in the next breath think, everything (that's ever gone wrong in the world) is Chris's fault. There is no fathoming the bullshit coming from the North these days. It defies reason. Trolls trolls everywhere!

We spent all day Saturday trying to locate a gun. More especially a Glock 17, or even something that could be disguised as such (with clever camera work). It was not to be. Slightly frustrating too. But oh well... onward with another plan.
If I don't get the ID badges finished by Wednesday everything will fall flat come filming day on Thursday!! That will not be good.

Have some excellent hospital footage provided by Eric. It's freaking marvelous. The ED down at Hutt Hospital is a wonderfully supportive place - with staff willing to lend a hand. (Or a face!)

I managed to get as far as chapter six yesterday with the second round of edits.
Josh was reading my editors comments as I came across them. He likes her too. She's not letting me get away with lazy sentences or anything really - but does it in such a positive way its an absolute joy! I'm really enjoying her 'devils advocate questions'. I think when I write I get to a place where I know what's going on, and I know how things happened, and the back story but I don't always remember that readers only know what I share! (and not what's happening in my head... sometimes that really should remain a mystery!!)

I doubt I will ever try and explain editing to Chris, again. I mentioned in passing yesterday that I reached chapter six. (recall he's never read anything I've written - not since one short story about five years ago) He asked what book. And when I said Killerbyte he wanted to know why, hadn't I already finished editing that? Didn't I send it back to my editor?
Well yeah, but I also told him weeks ago that was round one.
So he said, "Is it still your story?"
I snapped back, "Yes."
End of conversation. I can't be bothered trying to explain how editing works to someone who doesn't fucn listen. Then comments that it must've been a half-assed job to start with.
He seems to think once it's written is should be perfect. And that editing somehow changes the story.
We're not changing the story - we're enhancing some scenes, correcting lazy sentences, word choices etc, making it better than it was before. (Going six million dollar man on it's ass)

It's getting cold, sitting here with the ranch slider open. (I could shut it but it's nice to feel the cold after all the crap humidity we've had lately)

This morning it was hot and sunny - on the way to school - on the way home, a mere five minutes later it was threatening to rain. Squealer doesn't have a jersey or jacket! I must try and remember to take her both later.

Seems Bex ended up seeing all four of her sisters on Saturday! She had Squealer and Breezy almost all day Saturday while we charged about trying to locate a Glock. Then Saturday evening Jo Jo dropped by before going out, then in the wee small hours Jo Jo came back and Trishy arrived to collect her.

Busy day/night at Bex place.

Right that's about it I think.

Now to deal to the dishes... I couldn't be bothered last night. Had a bloody migraine yesterday afternoon - but have had a headache for about four days anyway. Am sure it's caused by trying to work,which involves a lot of thinking, with Breezy being the biggest pain in the butt she could possibly be... she never stops talking, not ever.
Right now I need some peace so I can get these changes made and not screw things up in the process.


Chester Campbell said...

Good luck on the edits, Cat. By the way, I've been meaning to ask, is that your pretty blue eye on the left? really striking.

Cat Connor said...

I wish it was!! Mine are a darker blue (and not quite as young!).


Erma said...

While listening to a story on NPR today, I thought of you and Barry. A Canadian filmmaker who lost his eye when he was young is building a camera eye. He plans on doing a documentary. The interviewer asked if the CIA or FBI or any of those other agencies had contacted him yet. He thinks they're waiting to see if it works. Spooky crazy, but oh so totally cool!


Cat Connor said...

Very cool!
I don't know what delighted me more - that you thought of me and Barry. (oh to be in the same thought as Barry!!!) or that it could be possible to have an implanted camera eye. (wonder if it can take movies with sound? guess they'd need a usb type access to retrieve footage etc for spying purposes...)

I see you...

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