Saturday, March 14, 2009

that was odd and 3 yr olds are annoying

Trying to compile a blog this morning while Breezy eats her breakfast - resulted in posting a blog that only said 'it', and yelling at the child to 'stop freaking asking for things and talking!'
Every fucn time I sat down at my desk she needed something else then finally decided she didn't want ANY of the cereals she'd demanded in her bowl.
She's now eating Bran Flakes. (Doesn't bode well for later)
She told me not to yell. I told her to be quiet so I can think.

This is ridiculous!

She talks from the minute she wakes up until she falls asleep... that's about 14 hours of non-stop ... NON-STOP. It's not even that she just talks... it's that she expects answers and conversation ALL THE TIME.
There are times (this morning for one) that I wish she wasn't so advanced with her language skills.

Why she can't go talk to her father or sister is beyond me!

That's not what I was trying to say. (And here she comes again - yapping excitedly about marshmallows)

On Thursday we did a spot of filming. It was quite possibly rather bad-taste to turn our driveway into a crime scene (after what happened next door on Tuesday). But it was good fun.
I should've probably scrubbed the blood stain off the driveway... it looks very real. But I didn't.
Hoping rain will do the job for me. :)

Okay so now the older child is dragging the chain about taking her freaking medication. Which is because she hasn't taken it yet and keeps forgetting what the hell she is supposed to be doing.

Oh look squirrels!

I'm done... I cannot deal with this crazy household and try and work today.
Plus it's now going to take the child twenty minutes to swallow a tiny little pill.... because that's what she does.



Erma said...

My beautiful, effervescent niece is 5. She's still like that... from morning till night... talking away, demanding/vying for attention. Sometimes it's adorable... usually just the first half hour or so. Sometimes I am soooo grateful I'm just an aunt! Yay! on the filming!

Cat Connor said...

LOL - the only joy is that at 5 Breezy will be at school all day... and hopefully tired by the time she gets home!!

The filming is much fun... damn blood stain is still there though. :)

I see you...

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