Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It seems once is not enough...

Current mood:really tired of things messing with real player

In my defense, however, I spent FIVE hours editing yesterday and was fucking exhausted. (Ever tried to edit six chapters with a three-year-old creating things about you? no? Then quit your moaning about my lack of blogs! What she was creating, by the way, was a fuc'n huge mess... not just in one room, oh no, she spread it to three - apparently it was fun.)

So anyway I saw the words, The End, waft past my eyes right before going to pick Squealer up from school, and could hardly believe it myself.
Turns out I shouldn't have believed it - when I scrolled back to the beginning of the book I started finding heaps of 'unaccepted' changes I'd made. Which means - I need to go through it again - and maybe again after that. I'm currently letting some re-vamped scenes mull about in my mind.
It's making sleep difficult. Could be why I am so tired tonight. I was awake at 3:30 this morning and didn't get back to sleep until 5. And then didn't want to get up at 7. So I didn't, and we ran late. (by two minutes)

I could've just gotten up and had another look at the scene that bugged me... but NO. I need it to sit for a day or two.
I just wish it would sit quietly.

Today I got a surprise... my order from Vista Print arrived. Wasn't supposed to arrive until the 26th. They emailed to say it had been shipped on Sunday. And it arrived today... from The Netherlands.
Interesting huh? Order something in New Zealand, pay in NZ dollars and discover it's coming from the other side of the world!
I have to say the stuff is cool.
I have magnets, postcards, calenders, and my favorite thing - a notepad. All with my cover on. (of course I need a white pen to make the notepad usable -but that's neither here nor there!)
I note they do car door magnets (like taxi's have), think I will get one for our car... Chris can advertise my book all the way to work and back everyday! :) and he thought that was a great idea!!
Tempted to have it say "I'm crime thriller author: Cat Connor -Google me!"
Would be interesting to see how many people did.

We're filming tomorrow, right after dropping kids at school - no doubt Breezy will enjoy it.
Hopefully I can get some good footage. Must be about ready to drop all the movie scenes and still pics onto Chris's desk for editing etc.

Thursday is school trip day. Oh the joy. Have to be at school by 8:30. That will be interesting. Means we need to leave home at ten past eight. Also means I have to be super organized the night before. It better be good. Already I sense my resistance to the whole trip thing. (in me not Breezy or Squealer) I'm tired and can't be bothered. I'm hoping it will be a good day - and that Breezy will manage with all the different shows and all the walking about she will have to do. If she doesn't, it could be rather annoying. Maybe I'll remember to get cash so Breezy and I can run away if need be! (Maybe I should also take her stroller - she barely fits it any more but at least it means I don't have to carry her!)

Joshy has discovered the joy of yo-yos. He's learning all manner of tricks ... I'm sure this is beneficial to his education in some way.
He's about to go clean his room - that is beneficial to his health.

Oh yeah - I'll be away from April 13th to April 18th.

I may be able to blog - or I may just write a bunch of blogs and have someone cut and paste... lol. The chances of me blogging from The Marlborough Sounds are fairly slim - it's dial-up - it's unreliable - it's not my computer - and I'll be on vacation! Which means I won't be able to check my mail either... because I don't know what my ISP password is... and I can't imagine me bothering to find out between now and going away. (it's a major pain in the ass - and I don't feel like sitting on the phone with Paradise for two hours to find out what THEY changed MY password too!)

It's almost nine - I'm having a Bon Jovi fix... seems like its been forever since I listened to music. I'm sure it isn't, but it feels like it.
I was rather hoping "Lost Highway" would energize me some.

I'm thinking about possible competitions to run regarding killerbyte... obviously for after the book has been released! Could be a lot of fun.

I think I will also re-open the Cobwebs chat room. So those of you who haven't experienced the whole chat room scene can have a look. (I'll be getting my editor to have a look too- she obviously hasn't been in a chat room, lol. Poetry rooms, especially, can be quite an eye-opener. And the language used is interesting - not at all formal, and sometimes very colorful!)

Right - I'm done with this tonight... Mozilla or maybe MySpace is fucking with my Real player again and causing songs to skip.

Good night

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