Thursday, March 19, 2009

I tried to do this earlier and failed...

Current mood: exhausted and wondering if tomorrow will be quiet

I did, really I did try and write this earlier... I sat down before I started work for the day and tried to write a blog. Then I got bored with it and killed it.
You can thank me later.

Campbell Live did a story on Twitter tonight. It was quite interesting.
Yes I twitter- but can't actually see the point to it. Seems to be yet another thing to try and keep up with and it's not like I have much time to do all these things!
I think we're back to the place where I need a PA. Or several clones of me.
Which would be better because then everything would be exactly the way I want it... ha ha ha.

Last night - half-wit neighbor burned plastic again. Was so pungent and toxic I had an asthma attack. He is such a dip-shit wanking prick. Why would anyone burn plastic, and especially on the night before recycling day??? Makes no fucn sense to me, or my very cool neighbor (on the other side and the one we like muchly, because he's, well, cool, dah! - lol).

So anyway -I'm not impressed and due to the City Council being so slack last time (and refusing to act, despite this plastic burning being illegal etc, because they wanted ME to photograph this wanker putting plastic in the incinerator... and now he's moved it so I can't get pics!) I know it's pointless going through the correct channels to getting this sorted... Fire Brigade were unimpressed but say it's a council problem... council are too lazy to investigate despite an obvious health issue.
Unless cool neighbor can get through to this prick (Prick has a baby in his house, and still burned plastic - we could see the thick smoke lying in his backyard, so it must've got into his house as well as our houses) there is no way to stop him poisoning the air, and causing breathing problems for our kids and us.

Apart from that - spent all day going over killerbyte. I need to have it back to my editor this weekend, she's off to England later next week... and wants to send killerbyte to the publisher for, ..... wait for it.... publishing!

Cool huh?

Now I'm damn tired, and can't tell any more if I got everything.

Why is it, when I'm really busy and having to pay close attention and think about what's happening in front me... I get heaps text messages? Mostly they hover around nuisance, some, however are over the top. I try and ignore them as much as possible. My replies are often one word.
So yeah - when I'm busy you'll get short sharp replies, or no reply... unless you simply want to know how I am or whatever. If I have to think about a reply - ya ain't gonna get one. Hard enough carving thought time out with a three year old, let alone replying to texts or emails.

Monty - if you are reading this... I have not forgotten, Fault line will be winging its way to you next Tuesday. I suspect you'll love it.

Almost time for me to go collapse on the sofa.
It's been a hard day.

Let me know how you all are... I'm trying to keep up with blogs etc. I'm failing miserably... but at least I'm trying.


Sara J. Henry said...

One quick time-saver: Twitterfeed. It's easy to set up - it will feed the headlines and URL from your blog entries to Twitter. So you won't have to post your blog links there.

Cat Connor said...

Thanks Sara!
I followed the link and it did something... guess I'll find out when I blog next if it worked! :)

Jenn Nixon said...

I'm slowly starting to see myself using twitter less and less, unless (wow lots of less) I'm at work. I can read rather quick, but still I struggle keeping up with 800 people let alone more than that.

Though, it's nice way to meet new friends!

Cat Connor said...

I'm trying to see a point to it. But have discovered I miss most of what is going on (entire conversations, that may even be interesting) because of hemisphere differences... I'm asleep while the tweets are tweeting!! There is not much I can do about that, I do need to sleep. :D

Maybe when I hand my ms back to my editor tomorrow - I'll have more time to figure this twitty thing out!

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