Monday, March 30, 2009

Dark chocolate, Merlot, cheesecake, and killerbyte...

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Sunday evening slipped by in a blur of Merlot and dark chocolate. And what a weekend it was.

Saturday was spent with Caedy, Breezy, and Caoilie ... I couldn't tell you exactly what we all did, but the kids had a blast.

I did make Bex birthday cake, and a cheesecake.... both were/are excellent.

Friend Dave came though for me last night, as Dave does, I needed a program to convert .mov to avi's... (remember that?). He found me one, and it's so freaking easy to use it's incredible.
Chris woke me at some ungodly hour Sunday morning (it was still dark and he hadn't come to bed yet) to say it worked.. he was a happy camper.

When Sunday morning really woke - he started work on editing the video project - I helped... well it is mine. 7 1/2 hours later the program crashed, and took everything with it. Apparently the program also chose to ignore the 'save project' instructions given repeatably.

After a small meltdown - hanging a load of laundry on the line and considering killing something... then a chat to trusty neighbor (that always helps). I re-wrote the script. Went back upstairs and found Chris was already piecing it back together.

An hour and a half later we had a movie. All that's needed now is sound!!!

It's pretty cool and the comment was made that we need to do this more often, now that we know how!

Also managed to film a little more during the creation of the final product - I wanted a scene that we hadn't done... caused all manner of shrieking from Chris, apparently I didn't heat the blood for long enough (it came out of the fridge and I zapped it in the microwave... maybe 20 seconds wasn't long enough?) .. then he wouldn't stop laughing... he doesn't do dead very well, it's quite annoying. End product was pretty cool tho, after some strategic editing.

Good fun was had by all.

Jo Jo and Bex arrived for dinner, we had birthday cake. Chris deposited them both and Caeds back at Bex in time for Dex. (With cake of course, as Dex would be unhappy to miss out) The weekend with Caeds was as it usually is, fabulous, he is at home here, and loves being with Breezy. The kids had much fun, played and played, and giggled all weekend.

Once the kids were all in bed I had some cheesecake with Kane, and another glass of wine... cos I freaking deserved it. For a moment there today I didn't think we'd be able to pull this awesome project off.... and we fucn well have.

I answered my editors last query this morning too... we're good to go.

So, how were your weekends?

Everyone behave? Everyone have fun? ...

Monday morning announced its arrival with f-ing and blinding and cramp in my calf muscle. It's still dark, could be raining, so hard to tell yet.

Today I need to investigate the sound problem, there must be away of doing what I want to do, if there is, I shall find it.

Invitations to the launch bbq have gone out, well email ones anyway... others will be posted tomorrow.
Heard back from the Boy Wonder, he and Lizzie won't be flying back from London for the launch! (As I expected) but the promise of buying killerbyte as soon as it hits Amazon was made. Boy Wonder also had some cool news, here's hoping his interview goes well.

Planning a margarita evening for the second week of the school holidays, when hopefully Chrissy will be up here.

The comment was made last night - that being in a room with me, Bex, and Jo was like being in a Charmed episode. That was a truly cool observation that amused the hell out of me.

I had an awesome weekend... it ended perfectly.

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