Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The crime scene and the dent.

They in fact have nothing to do with each other, the crime scene and the dent. But they did happen on the same day.

Yesterday was a funny old day.

It started well enough. Took the squealer to school - came home - got organized and headed up to the Stupid market. So far so good.

I had to stop by Warehouse Stationary (I know... the opposition!) I needed four lanyards and four ID pouches. You think I could find them? Hell no!
So I called Chris at work and asked him exactly what they were called and where they would be in a store. So he looked up the work system (cos everyone stands in the middle of Warehouse Stationary and puts a call through to OfficeMax!)... a few minutes later he'd placed the order for me, and I left the store without making a purchase.
I doubt anyone noticed my aimless wandering and then intent cell-phone conversation. Had someone offered even the slightest service I would've spent my five dollars there, but they didn't so, OfficeMax got it... and Chris (bless him) increased the sale cos we were out of copy paper.
Warehouse Stationary 0. OfficeMax 1.

After that we went to the stupid market - having detoured previously.

I spotted someone I hadn't talked to in years... and haven't missed anything at all. I haven't this woman since our kids started college. (Joshy and her daughter have been in the same class since kindergarten age 3.) I chatted with her for a few minutes... and nothing has changed since kindy! I mean seriously - she's exactly the same doing exactly the same things - nothing! It would drive me crazy to stagnate and get old before my time like that.
Then I spotted Jo Jo. And she rifled through my groceries to see what she wanted to eat. Turned out to be a zebra spotted LCM bar. (I'd mostly bought school lunch snacks) Luckily she didn't spot my hidden bag of bell peppers!! She eats them like apples.

Off we went to Bex next, so Caeden (cos we're not allowed to call him Caedy or Caeds any more, he said so!) and Breezy could play for an hour.
I was in Bex very clean kitchen putting some plastic in the recycling bag - and I stood up... well no, I bounced up, as I do. And smacked the top of my head into the bottom of a cupboard that I'd forgotten all about.
This was absolutely hysterically funny... last week Bex did it while I was there.
So anyway - I was wearing my baseball cap.

On the way home (an hour later) I took my cap off due to high wind... and rubbed my sore head. At that point I discovered a large dent! Seems the button/dome thingy on the top of my cap has dented my head!!!

I wasn't much impressed to find I could stick my finger in the dent.

On the way to school a van went by. The guy was looking at me, I was looking at him... and the last second we both clicked and waved like maniacs! Was my lovely neighbor - disguised by his brothers van and a pair of sun glasses. While I was disguised without my cap and with a pram that was covered with a sunshade. (To keep the wind out of Breezy's eyes) - and I was walking the wrong way. LOL. I'm amazed we recognized each other at all.

Picked up Squealer and headed home. At the corner, four meters from our gate there were four police cars. FOUR. Oh be still my beating heart!
A cop I know - but can never remember his name - asked us to wait a few minutes. I watched as five cops hurried in through the gate of my neighbors! Pepper spray in hand.

A few minutes later. (The girls only managed half a small bag of Grain Waves before we were given the okay to go home.) From the living room we could see all the activity on the driveway. An ambulance arrived.
Joshy came home.
I popped out as the ambulance left and assured him it wasn't here. - he looked a bit worried as he walked toward police cars and the ambulance!

We ascertained fairly quickly what had happened. A stabbing. A young woman was read her rights and arrested for the stabbing. Hardly surprising really when I think about it. The culmination of a lot of arguments etc.
Police stayed next door, processing the scene until just after eight pm. All very interesting and exciting.
Only managed a brief chat with one officer (that I know well).

This afternoon a very nice police officer came by asking questions. Typically we were out all day!! And missed the entire incident. But it's been confirmed that the boyfriend was indeed stabbed. I forgot to ask how he is.
I've never really spoken to him. Mr.Nextdoor has been mowing our front lawn for the last few years. The last few times it's been the 'son-in-law' who has done it. We're not a hundred percent sure how Mr.Nextdoor became our lawn mowing neighbor, but think it has something to do with me buying them chocolates for christmas. There is a language barrier. I do know the children, they all went to school with mine.
The oldest one (who did the deed) went to school with Jo jo.

There you have it.

Exciting huh?

Of course last night I couldn't sleep properly cos the edges of the dent hurt when I lay down... and Chris wasn't sure that I'd wake up, after touching the dent himself! ha ha ha

And I got well over half way with my edits. Woot!!


Erma said...

Exciting! A little scary, too. Intriguing. Any idea why someone was actually so moved as to physically stab someone they loved? Was he cheating? Was it over money? Y'know, that few extra bucks from mowing the lawn... That's my favorite thing, the impetus for something so unthinkable. It's rare, but I've had emotions overwhelm me so much that I may have thought I wanted to stab someone but it's always one of those thoughts that just fleetingly dissappear, thank the gods. I think you blogged on something like that a while ago.

As for your dent, make sure to tilt your head after you shower of you'll be sure to get soaked again from all that pooled water hiding in the dent. LOL.

Cat Connor said...

ha ha ha - had friend (who is ED nurse, ER for you) here when I read your comment, he thought the idea of the dent filling with water was hysterical!! - he is of opinion that dent maybe be permanent! Bugger!

I find it fascinating that people can stab, etc, those they supposedly love. Although I know some background here... and let's say I'm not as surprised as I should be. (In fact none of us that live close are surprised... and that is sad.)

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