Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Batteries flat again!

This last few days I've whipped through batteries like they're going out of fashion.
It's been fun doing so though. My last shot today was a head and shoulders picture of my neighbor. Of course now the batteries are flat I can't carry on and upload it and do what I was going to do with it.
Best I go out for batteries tonight.

The color printer dying has also caused a few problems - and some annoyance. Means I can't hard copy the badges yet. (What badges you say? Never mind, you'll find out soon.)

I couldn't make my tee-shirt... growl grumble bitch and moan. But Vista Print is looking good for that - and postcards, magnets, a notepad or two and some other cool stuff. Good to be able to get stuff done here and not in the States. Postage is bad enough within NZ, I sure as hell aren't paying for it from the USA. (Especially with the current sucky exchange rate)

The wicked bitch of the north has struck again... someone really should tip a bucket of water on her. (A monsoon bucket might just do the trick.) She needs committing if no-one can manage a big enough bucket of water. We now have proof in writing of the crazy and very nasty things she comes out with. The joy of texting... we can produce both sides of the conversation - thank you Telecom - and there it is in black and white. Undeniable evidence that she's a raving lunatic with a very very unsavory streak.
No surprises that hubby can't remember his childhood.

If I didn't know anybetter I'd think she was the model for Ellie's mom in killerbyte, or even Mac's mom. But alas she is not. That's not to say she isn't horrible enough, because she so is! Although I reckon Mac's mom could take her!

I got a weird email from a friend on Myspace, which may have been some kind of spam shite. As the body of it was empty. Unimpressed. SO if anyone gets a weird email from me that appears to just be a subject line... I'm sorry but it's not me doing it.

An ARC of Barry Eisler's new book Fault line arrived today. Very cool. I shall read it over the next few days then pass it on as requested by the person who sent it to me.

I'm out of printer paper! That's total twilight zone stuff. Hubby works for Officemax, we never run out of paper!! He buys it by the box... it's all gone! Maybe it ran out in sympathy with the dead printer.

I think thats about it from me for this evening. I shall go cook a lovely stir fry for dinner, that no-one will eat because it's too hot here!

Or maybe I'll forget dinner and feed the kids ice-cream and peaches. :)


Erma said...

Mr. Eisler posted a preview of fault Line up on his Facebook. Looks damn fine! Enjoy the read!

Isn't technology awesome, till you run out of batteries! Damn the man who hasn't invented the solar power panel hat we can plug our devices into, although I did read somewhere there are solar powered sunglasses soon to be available.

Love your stuff Cat, even if I don't comment often, I read it everyday!


Cat Connor said...

I love that you drop in here and read this! :)

Which reminds me I still haven't got the batteries!!
My god where is my head at?

Haven't even cracked open Barry's book yet. I'm planning on some late night reading this weekend.

I hear the thunder of little feet and I am finding it perplexing... everyone is in bed. hmmm off to investigate.

I see you...

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