Friday, February 20, 2009

swimming home from school?

Just a quick look in, if I do manage to swim back from school safely with the youngest two of the tribe -I shall blog upon my return.

Yes, it's that wet here now. Our gumboots are too wet to wear for the return trip - they take forever to dry out once the inside gets wet.

We shall make like ducks and paddle to school to collect the almost-ten-year-old.
On a positive note - I've baked and decorated her birthday cake - and made cupcakes. I truly rock as a mother today. :)

Will fill you all in on the rest of our wet day later...

Well what do you know? We made it home.

And I've since made both lolly cake and chocolate cherry fudge cake. Funnily enough all this baking is making me hungry. Think I'll do homemade burgers for dinner. Nutritious and fun.
And tomorrow I shall endeavor to remember to have breakfast!

Now back to our joyful WET day.
It started well - apart from the bucketing rain. Breezy and I dragged ourselves home from school this morning. (My jeans were so wet they were threatening to slide amount of hitching them up did any good. I was just glad of a decent length coat!)
A few minutes after we'd ditched wet clothes for dry the phone rang. Was a friend keen on discussing some changes I was looking at for Mac's partial chapter. (I know the talk of Mac and Ellie make little sense to anyone yet -but it will. It will. Once KILLERBYTE comes out, all will be revealed!)
So anyway - I asked a couple or four male friends to look over this particular scene and offer suggestions. I was all over the board on this, I tossed in a truck driver, a nurse, a Macgyver type, an office worker. Looking for different angles.

One - the sweetest guy ever and a dear friend, said "If he gets much more "manly", it would get phony like most of Chuck Norris' roles." Bless him!! he also gave me some very good tips and pointed out a few things that were most helpful. And yes, I listened and yes I implemented the suggestions. (Thank you, Richard.)

Two - close friend who is also a writer, and someone I've worked closely with over the last eight or nine months, helping him hone his craft. He added his two cents worth. Very helpful, and yeah it worked. (Thanks Eric)

Three - a discussion with my neighbor about Mac and his views on how Mac shapes up. Most entertaining. He is also of the opinion that Mac is man enough. (I really enjoy our conversations, Kane.)

Four - Thrusting seven pages of text at my hubby and saying, "What do you think?" LOL. He hasn't read the book. (Two of the above have) Hubby couldn't find anything wrong with Mac. He even managed to glean what was happening prior to the pages he read, and announced he hates the term "Sweets" thinks it sounds creepy. (Thanks honey!)

So armed with some good information I made a few adjustments to Mac. Hopefully he is a stronger person because of it.

That was fun. Hearing how guys view Mac was interesting and enjoyable.

I managed to bake, clean, edit, have coffee/tea with my neighbor twice, and pick up the child from school. I'm quite impressed with myself at this point. :)

Now, let's hope tomorrow goes well, and the invited children arrive for the party. - If not - there is going to be a hell of lot of left-overs! (Family dinner on Sunday, so I can probably feed the high-sugar content food to the grand-kids!!)


joandelahaye said...

All that talk about baking has me hungry! Sounds like you're realy getting into your edits. Great to hear!

Joan De La Haye

Cat Connor said...

I've had much fun with the edits! Jayne gets Killerbyte back tomorrow - I will do another read through tonight. (Because a sentence popped into my head, and I KNOW it belongs somewhere!!!)

I love writing - but tweaking what I've already done is fun. Especially with good direction and someone who knows a semicolon from a comma - cos I have a little trouble...! :)

Stephen said...

Cakes, kids, swimming home and snippets. Love it! As ever be well

Cat Connor said...

Thank you Stephen. :)

Morgan Mandel said...

My DH hates to read, but he does tell all his friends about my books, so he's a great publicist.

Morgan Mandel

Cat Connor said...

Mine is the same, he hates reading. The only thing I've ever seen him read is Eric Clapton's biography. (He has several versions!!)
He does however, tell everyone he comes across that, My wife kills people for a living. - I'm just hoping he follows that with "She is a writer." :)

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