Thursday, February 19, 2009

Someone is in a filthy freaking mood... oh that would be me!

Today simply sucked. I don't really know why, but it did and still does.

Maybe it's something in the air.

Yesterday I battled a moronic courier to get a parcel delivered. I had to go to the head of the company and demand the little freak deliver it immediately... he did and was surly with it. I suspect small male parts to go along with the huge chip on his little shoulder. (Got a feeling he can't get a girlfriend and is not self-aware enough to realize his attitude is PART of the reason)
lucky for him I didn't open the parcel until he left. It was a large dagger. It has wolves on the scabbard and is totally cool. (Was a gift from my best friend, who saw it and could not resist it! so she purchased the dagger and had it couriered right to me.)

As for today... nothing seems to be right for long.

Breezy is driving me up the wall. She needs to STOP talking, whining, grizzling, and annoying me and just go and play by herself for awhile. Mummy has had enough.

I found a few things that I hadn't explained properly in Killerbyte, so hopefully the additional sentences I added will explain how blood evidence is transported.
I also picked up a screw-up on my part early on, when dealing with blood evidence and corrected that.
Don't use plastic containers for blood, it encourages the growth of microorganisms.

I've read and re-read Mac's partial chapter; and I'll be buggered if I can find anything wrong with it. It's how he is. (or was) Chris read it and concurred, "It's Mac."
I've flipped the seven pages to a friend in Colorado (who tells me his Dad was a Virginian), he's going to have a look at it for me. Also have sent the pages to a Australian friend, who lived in the US for a few years. And there is my trusty neighbor, I'll ask him to have a wee read of them tonight.
I'll get some male opinions on Mac and see what comes of it.

Meanwhile my general annoyance rises.

Tomorrow will be spent baking, and probably all day. Squealer's party is on Saturday and the cake needs baking, along with cupcakes and treats (of little nutritional value, lol). I really should pop up to the Stupidmarket and get lollies etc. It will make tomorrow easier.
Breezy will be helping me bake... let's hope she is in a better mood. (I guess that goes for us both!!)

A mountain of laundry awaits. I shall take my leave and fold laundry until dinner time.

Which famous criminologist said "Every contact leaves a trace."

It's an easy one... lol


Marvin D. Wilson said...

You know, Cat - one day you will HAVE to write your memoirs. Your daily journal-type posts are off the hook entertaining (smile).

Chester Campbell said...

Your question sounds like Prof. Edmond Locard and his Exchange Principle or Transfer Theory.

I hope today was better than yesterday. It hasn't been too bad for me. Love your blogging style.

Cat Connor said...

Thanks Marvin! I appreciate your comments -and love that you read my ramblings!

Chester.. it was indeed. And today does seem a better day. :) And thank you.

I see you...

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