Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Introducing SA Ellie Conway

I spent sometime trying to decide how to introduce Ellie to you all. It's not as easy as one would think.
Special Agent Ellie Conway is the main character in Killerbyte. She has her own MySpace page. People think she's real. To me she is. (she's also scary)

I've pilfered a few things from her blog - yes she has one.

Twenty things about SA Ellie Conway;

1. I love my job.

2. I used to run a chat room called Cobwebs.

3. I collect death threats like other people collect stamps.

4. My favorite phrase is "That dog won't hunt."

5. My life is like a train wreck, no one wants to look but they just can't help it.

6. I am amused by the strangest things. (usually stuff that makes other people puke)

7. I stepped on a decomp in a dumpster. (That's a smell you can never get rid of)

8. There was a dead guy in my shower.

9. There were two headless bodies shoved in trunks of cars I drove.

10. I am the figment of someones imagination.

11. I hate getting called out in the middle of cold, wet, and windy nights.

12. My favorite place is Rock Creek park, its where I do my best thinking.

13. I'm sick to death of people hitting me in the freaking head! Quit it! May as well just shoot me - I don't wanna end up a dribbling idiot.

14. I'm so over Unsubs with an axe to grind... I should re-phrase that... I'm over Unsubs who think they are making a point - or a statement about society. Hello... you're sick fucks and the only statement you should be worrying about is the one that'll get that needle shoved in your arm.

15. I hate honey. Seriously, I hate it. It's gross.

16. Mac writes awesome poetry, and is my favorite poet.

17. The song that I love most at the moment is, And she was...Talking Heads.

18. I love the smell of two-stroke and fresh mud.

19. There are people I miss. - But my aim has improved...(There are people I wish I had the chance to miss. )

20. My team rocks.

No doubt we'll hear more from Ellie at a later date. Feel free to friend her over on MySpace though, she's mostly friendly.

EDITED on Aug 26 2012 to add : Ellie blogs at Bounce and tweets - and doesn't use her Myspace page any more! :)


joandelahaye said...

What a brilliant way to introduce Ellie. I think I may have to pinch this idea for Jack. I also happen to love Ellie. I think she's awesome!

Joan De La Haye

Cat Connor said...

Thanks Joan! Took me a few days to come up with a way of introducing Ellie.
Looking forward to meeting Jack!

I see you...

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