Monday, February 23, 2009

Good morning star shine...

If you don't see the joy in tie-dying (and fabric ink), and knitting, today's blog is probably not for you! :)

Son the younger asked me yesterday if I could knit him an alpaca jersey. He'd purchased an alpaca vest from the Cuba Street Carnival on Saturday night and is keen for a jersey version. (Sweater for you Americans)
For the last six years, every time I've offered to make him something he's politely declined. Usually with a, "No thanks, Mum."
Seems he's growing up and seeing the merit in having a mother who can do these things. (His friends are often telling him how lucky he is, because I bake and sew etc.)

He used to love hand-knitted jerseys, he even used to choose the wool and help design the jerseys. (He can knit, and every jersey made when he was in Primary school had a few rows knitted by our youngest son.)
My joy was obvious at the thought of knitting him a jersey! Now to locate Alpaca... of course the only wool shop in our town closed two years ago. Looks like I'll be using Trademe to find wool. (Like eBay but the NZ version)

Then... he asked if I could dye a white singlet for him. He wants it yellow for sports day tomorrow. I asked if it had to be plain... he said he didn't mind.
I don't know that he fully understands what will happen next! He's just given me the go-ahead to tie-dye one of his singlets! LOL
You'd think having a mother who wears tie-dyed jeans would make him sufficiently wary... but no!

Of course now I'm thinking... one singlet is a dreadful waste of a bucket of sunshine yellow dye. I think I'm going to have to pop into town and scrounge around the sales looking for white jeans, and tee-shirts.
THEN - his girlfriend asked if I could help her dye a shirt red...

Is there no end to my joy?

So that's red and yellow - I cannot bring myself to waste such beautiful colors. I'm seeing multi-colored jeans... wouldn't they be fab for the looming dull days of winter??? (I've got orange ones, but they've also been painted. They have girl down one leg. And I have blue tie-dyed jeans. French Navy, which is a fabulous blue... I gave purple ones to a dear friend last night, who is thrilled with them. So I'm thinking there is room for a couple of pairs of brightly colored red/yellow/orange jeans. Because it would be a sin to waste the dye.)

Anyone need anything dyed?

What's tricky is stopping at the dye stage. I have fabric ink. I have many many colors, even silver. (And it really comes out silver) I love to paint. I did a bunch of tie-dyed shopping bags, and some of those I painted as well. Same with the girls tee-shirts. It's so much fun. (You can pick my kids when we're out, lol)

I shall endeavor to resist adding some painted art-work to Son-the-younger's shirt. Don't want him running scared now that he's finally asked me to make him stuff.

For now I must clean the mess left by the weekend birthday - the kitchen looks like a bomb went off and the girls bedroom is not far behind. Then it's off to town to gather white cotton things for the dye bucket!

Ah the fun of Mondays!

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