Friday, February 13, 2009

Ellie talks about the art of manly behavior.

The reign of chivalry... or the art of manly behavior!

This post is from SA Ellie Conway not me. (Although funnily enough we share very similar views on such things!) Let me hand this over to her...

Thanks Cat, I'll try not to rant for too long.

Is the art of manly behavior a forgotten art?

I know I carry a sidearm an' all, - and am quite certain that my slim five-foot-seven frame is as intimidating as hell. But does that mean no man will ever open a door for me? Does it?
Would it have really caused the dork at Subway great harm to have held the flipping door for two seconds?

I doubt it.

Let me point out something, woman like doors to be held for them, and you know what, men quite like it too. Good manners cost nothing. It's not cool to be rude. So get it together and start acting like you belong in the human race. It's not okay to be self-centered and inconsiderate. I bet your mother didn't raise you like that!

ah that's better...

Which reminds me;

I've heard this a lot... woman wanting to feel protected but not necessarily be protected. And I get it. I really do. Sometimes we need to know no one can get to us, and that someone is willing to step up and make sure that is so.
Chivalry may well be fading, and let's face it I don't need anyone to fight my battles for me... but it's nice to know someone wants too and is capable of doing so.

Okay in my case it's a little different, I admit that. Most people go out of their way to be polite, and most do it before they've even seen the badge or gun! lol,
Mac tells me it's got a lot to do with being a blue eyed blonde - ha ha
I think it has more to do with the evil glint in my eyes.

I know with Mac... I never have to worry - not on his watch- no one is going
to cause me harm, not ever... but at the same time he knows to let me
deal with stuff myself.

That can be dangerous... not the dealing with it myself thing... but the knowing he's there to "save" me... It's almost like having a license to behave badly, especially if out at a bar and in one of those moods that sees me drinking Te-kill-ya and wearing that cowboy hat!
I've seen him blanch to almost pure white (not bad for someone with a good mix of Cherokee and black Irish blood), when he's been waiting for me to get ready to go out, and I've appeared wearing cowboy boots and my hat. It's like advance notice that the night is going off the rails and he can either come along for the ride
or stay home and hide. (he would never stay home!) He's been known to
frisk me and remove my weapon before letting me out the door. - and
fair enough too.

Having witnessed first hand how the rest of our team reacts to any sort of threat, to anyone of us, not just me... I'm thinking that at least in my very sheltered (at times) corner of the world... manners, chivalry, and manly behavior are alive and well.

Did I not explain manly behavior?

It's not the ability to belch the national anthem, or hunt, nor farting like
an Olympic champion. It's all about being happy in your own skin and treating people how you want to be treated. Knowing your limits and living to them. Its not being afraid to reach for the stars and most definitely supporting partners and children as they fulfill their dreams. It's making those around you feel secure and loved no matter what. It is not controlling those around you, it's walking beside them and letting them breathe.

And it's not reliant on how much money you make or how many cars you own or how flash they are, or how big your TV set is. - Many an asshole has owned big fancy cars and had a huge TV, it didn't make them better people. (Owning the biggest remote doesn't make you a man either. The bigger everything is the more I wonder what men like that are hiding or compensating for.)

Think on that.

Okay spiel over, as you were... resume your normal activities.

Thanks for letting me use your blog, Cat!

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