Monday, February 16, 2009

The deleting of Mac's Myspace account

Due to sheer stupidity and utter lies... I have deleted Mac's myspace account.

Myspaz informed me this morning that his site had been phished. What fucn bollocks.
Of course when I tried to change his password - there was no way to make the new passwords match. So I had them delete the account.
I simply cannot be bothered spending all fucn day trying to fix something that wasn't broken to start with.

Mac may re-appear at a later date. Or not. Not sure if he needs a page of his own. Maybe I'll combine him and Ellie. (Seems to work for another couple we know)

That's presuming I can get into Ellie's account. Haven't tried hers yet.

This morning I edited eighty pages, under a hundred to go now! Yay.

I stopped when Word crashed and took that as a sign I should be cleaning before the visit from "the weird people" tomorrow. I don't know if they're weird or not, but Breezy is saying she doesn't like weird people and they shouldn't be coming for dinner - I'll let you know... the biggest worry is that it will be a male clone of the wicked bitch of the north (AKA the battle barge). The wicked bitch has been stirring shite and trying to cause trouble all weekend. Guess that means I need to sharpen the pins in the Voo Doo doll.(maybe get bigger pins)

None of us know how the male coming for dinner is related to Chris - just that he is. And Chris hasn't seen him since he was 18. So there is no hope of him recognizing this person at all. I didn't know the wicked bitch had any relatives apart from one sister -who lives in Hamilton. So imagine my surprise to find out someone was over from the UK and we were expected to see them.

Of course now Chris is in trouble for inviting them for dinner - cos the wicked bitch has never been here. (her choice, she was invited often enough but always refused .. now she's twisting things and telling outright lies about never being invited and never seeing her grand daughters because we have kept them from her, oh what fun!)

It's a nasty situation. Poor Chris was accused (via text) last night of trying to impress these random strangers who are coming for dinner by the wicked bitch.

I just hope the toilet is clean when they arrive.

I'm cooking a roast of some description (saving lamb for when James comes over from Adelaide, because I just know he's going to one day soon!! -so it will be piggy or beef.) and I shall purchase a pavlova. I'm not exerting any effort here at all. Don't know these people from Adam and I suspect I don't want too. They will have been thoroughly poisoned by the wicked bitch. (hee hee hee, she's going to look like a liar and well. quite the idiot after all the things she has said... lol)

Will have to have K on stand by... if it gets too much I'll pop over the balcony railing and hide at his place, with my Merlot!

You think I'm drinking white wine? I don't think so! Chris is going to get some white (it all tastes like fly spray to me) for himself and the guests... I'll have my Merlot. So will the gravy of whatever animal I roast.

Miss Squealer is going to be 10 (double figures!!!) on Sunday. She's having a party on Saturday, her best friend is sleeping over. On Sunday her siblings will gather for dinner and cake. Should be a fun weekend.
This weekend just gone she got all new clothes and shoes. It's all about Squealer all the time at the moment!

I cooked vege soup today -I can smell it simmering away. It's almost autumn and a rainy day - just the ticket!!


Marvin D. Wilson said...

"The Wicked Bitch" - Ha! Love your fun fucn writing style. Had a good laugh this morning, thanks - hey good luck with the visitors & dinner.

The wicked bitch. LOL

Cat Connor said...

Thanks Marvin! No doubt the visit and dinner will go okay. (If not I have a shovel and a big back yard!...)

Have a great day!

I see you...

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