Wednesday, February 25, 2009

the decomp...

Yesterday I noticed an unusually funky smell in the kitchen. I knew I recognized it, but just in case, I blamed the rubbish bin in the laundry... so when darling beloved arrived home and he too smelt it. He removed the rubbish bag to the shed. (to await collection on Thursday morning)

Now the smell stayed.

I systematically went through all the cupboards. But I knew it wasn't anything in a cupboard. I chose to live in hope.

I cleaned the fridge.

I checked inside the oven, just in case I had somehow managed to leave a hunk of uncooked meat in there. (no!)

After dinner - after the kids were in bed - the smell got worse.

I got darling beloved downstairs to haul the oven out from between the benches.
How does so much crap get down between the oven and the benches? I mean really, how? I'm so damned careful not to spill things, I just don't get it.
Anyway - apart from mouse poop behind the oven there was nothing in a state of decomposition that could even remotely explain the particular funky smell. I knew it was coming from the back of the oven itself.

I cleaned the outside of the oven, darling beloved pulled the oven drawer out... no sign of anything dead. (or alive) I scrubbed the floor under the oven.

It became very apparent that the smell was coming from behind one of the low vents in the back of the oven.
Darling beloved announced he wasn't about to rip the back off the oven in the middle of the night...

Guess what?

The smell hasn't gone away. I've had the doors and windows open all day - it was coldish today so that wasn't too bad. (Heat would've made the whole experience more pungent)
While the kitchen already stunk I decided to clean the oven interior... something I like to put off as long as possible due to the fumes involved in oven cleaner. after nearly gassing myself twice on the oven cleaner crap I am declaring the interior 'good enough'. Of course then I had to turn the oven on to burn off the rest of the cleaner. For a few minutes the caustic smell of oven cleaner over-powered the decomp.

AND then, some retard from a few streets away decided to burn plastic in his incinerator. I'd like to shove him in the incinerator and see how hot I can get the fire! What a freaking idiot. As if we needed any more fumes! Get a clue asshole, you just ruined my washing that was hanging on the line!

Luckily Breezy was outside and next door almost all day - so was spared the oven cleaning and the decomp. And The neighbors yard didn't fill with the rancid burning plastic smell like ours did. (he has bigger trees on the fence line that seemed to stop it)or maybe Breezy is closer to the ground and that stink only gets us taller people?

What a fun day of interesting yet funky (not in a good way) smells. Wonder why I have a headache? lol

I can hardly wait for darling beloved to get home and fix this once and for all. I know he's looking forward to it. :)

Hope you all had awesome days!

Last night I wrote my acknowledgment page... it felt like an Oscar speech. I also sent a pic of me to my publisher. It's not a bad pic, considering. It will go up on their site along with my cover, when we get the cover. (I can't wait)


Marvin D. Wilson said...

Ahm, excuse me ... are you writing a cliff-hanger soap opera now with this? You just gonna leave me hanging? WHERE IS AND WHAT'S CAUSING THE DAMN SMELL!? LOL

Best wishes for your new book. You should write your memoirs some day. You can turn the most ordinary daily experiences into quite the epic saga.

Cat Connor said...

Whoops!! Just for you Marvin... a very silly mouse (possibly chased by our cat) managed to get into the back of the oven and climb way up behind the dials. AND DIE. How rude! After all the panels were unscrewed at the back the little bugger plopped on the kitchen floor and was promptly wrapped up and re-homed in the rubbish bin. I forgot to come back here and let everyone know! I posted the full story on Myspace... sorry. :)

I'm saving the memoirs - waiting until my kids think I'm old and harmless...

I see you...

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