Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Computers, dead DVD and CD drives!

I now have Billy Ray Cyrus stuck in my CD drive. He could be there awhile, hope he's comfy. He seemed fine before the drive died.

I think this is the push I needed to replace both the CD and DVD drives. I got stuck with the old DVD drive from hubby's PC when he got a nice new one... his one works, mine never has!

Thank goodness for flash drives. I decided not to worry about rescuing Billy for now and load music to the laptop then drop it on my flash drive and transfer it to my desktop. Hmmm, I suspect that will annoy me shortly.

Hubby tells me I can get a new DVD rewritable CD drive thingy for $80 from work. Would be better just having the one drive. I'll think about it.

Having a Bon Jovi morning,(nothing new there), have created an awesome play list.

Yesterday I handed a copy of Terrorbyte to my neighbor to read. this could be interesting. He enjoyed Killerbyte, so we'll see how the next one fares.

I opened my bookmark folder titled "Things I belong too" earlier. Man it's a big list. I'm going to have to cull. It's not possible to keep up with everything. Bad enough keeping up with all the email from various lists on various email accounts. There needs to be three of me. One to write, one to blog and market, and one to take care of the kids!

I need to find away of linking to this blog from MySpace... preferably in a manner that won't cause MySpace to block the link and accuse me of having lice.

Right back to work.


Sara J. Henry said...

Do you have ANY idea how hard it is to read your blog with the giant blue eye looking at you!?!

Cat Connor said...

LOL - I don't notice it any more.

Sorry Sara!! :)

Sara J. Henry said...

I'll probably mostly read it in Google Reader to avoid the eye!

Cat Connor said...

and I just noticed the comment window covers the eye too! :)

Rebecca Camarena said...

Cat, I don't know how you found my blog, but I'm glad you are now following me. I also clicked on follow you and will add your link to my blog list. Thanks again.

Cat Connor said...

You're welcome, and thanks for reading my blog! :)

I see you...

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