Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What a thing to wake up to!!!

This morning I woke to an email telling me my blog on Bravenet was blocked! True enough it was, although I suspect most of bravenet blogs met the same fate. Google blocked the blog saying it was malicious. I can assure you it was not. My account wasn't hacked, nor was my blog dumping crap on anyone computer. I do know however that a wee while back I was getting spammed big time by another few bravenet blogs on my blog... this forced me to stop people commenting.

This morning...

I destroyed my blog, killed the link and now am in the process of creating a new one. I need more coffee before tackling the formatting etc. I don't even know how to format this one, so that should be interesting. I lost all my links so will have to gather them again.

Meanwhile, here is my last blog post from Bravenet.

Jan 26th 2009

Rebel rebel by David Bowie (and the cover version by The Bay City Rollers), He's a Rebel by the Crystals, Rebel Yell by Billy Idol... all firm favorites of mine.

Then there is Rebel without a cause... its hard not to like the brooding tortured darkness of James Dean. (although that's only an on screen thing - in real life I don't need that sulky bullshit thanks very much!)

Well done for spotting the pattern.

This morning I signed with Rebel e Publishers.

My crime thriller novel KILLERBYTE has a home and one that I believe will do it justice.

This was no ordinary Monday morning.

I popped outside to share the news with my neighbor this morning. Who was delighted. (He read KB last week and has been telling everyone about it ever since...) I even managed to text everyone and tell them... and Michelle even text me back! (insert stunned smiley here) And asked how I would like to celebrate... my reply was, I think we should drink ourselves silly in the weekend.

In all fairness that won't take long, we're cheap drunks. Have invited neighbor over. It's a quick leap over the fence for him!

Right now I'm trying to think about my cover, because Joan asked me to give it some thought. There are so many great scenes that would make an awesome cover... but I think there should be an chat room over the top pf whatever scene is chosen. Almost like a watermark.

And I think if i go poking through some old files.. I think Gali made me something similar years ago. I hope I have the files.

well that's about it for now... I'm off to grin like an idiot some more.

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Cat Connor said...

And this from the Bravejournal team after I asked for an explanation. Which is too late I no longer have a bravejournal blog.

Dear Cat Connor,

We are aware of the issue and expect to have it rectified shortly.
Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.

I see you...

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