Thursday, January 29, 2009

It was five - now it's seven. Where'd the last two hours go?

My day started a little earlier than I expected this morning. Breezy woke up at five and announced it was "Good morning time". Didn't much feel like it behind my eyelids!

Somehow it's now just gone seven. Can't think of what I did for two hours, but obviously it was something.

I did spend sometime hunting for a photograph that I can't find. Typical really. I had an email from my publisher (saying that never gets old) and she asked for an author pic for the site. Am going to have to go with the one that appears in most places... but not the one on here. Upside down lying on the floor, just seems wrong for a publishers website.

Maybe this weekend I could attempt to get Chris to take a decent picture, ha ha ha. For all that he was once a photographer (in another life) he hasn't taken a decent picture of me in years... he says its the subject... I don't think so! (Josh can take good pics, my web cam can take good pics... hmmm, can't be the subject. lol)

I must say I rather like my new blog. Seems Bravejournal did me a favor but having a meltdown. Maybe it was an angelic intervention via Google.

I have gathered some of my FBI emails together, finally. Something I've been meaning to do for a long time. An interesting story came through the other day about FBI medics. As I one of my lesser characters is an FBI doctor and another one a field medic, I found the story really interesting, and it confirmed what I already knew. Now the most interesting stories are sitting in a word document. No more wading through emails looking for information. Now I can paddle in a Word.doc.

Regarding my cover: After extensive searching (for the last few days) I have been unable to locate a few pictures I remember Gali and I playing with years ago. I know we had some actual pics of messenger windows and chat rooms. With the required names in them. As in the conversation was between Galileo and Otherwisecat.
I have this image in my head of a chat window over a scene. Transparently over laid. It's just the scene beneath I'm not sure about. Should it be cops standing around a car in the cafe parking lot? A laptop and Glock on a coffee table? A blood washed kitchen? A body in a tree? A body in a bath? A sticky note poem smeared with blood? Poor Abigail flapping wildly against the back door? A head under the hood of a car?

Tricky isn't it?

On that note... comments should work. I know I have heard from a few people that they don't. But I've checked and they should! :)


Cat Connor said...

well it worked for me.

Phil R said...

They work for me too. Glad to hear things are going so well and, on an unrelated note, I love the background to your profile. Very cool!

trailmaster said...

I like the Glock and laptop idea.

Lee Pletzers said...

now it's working

joandelahaye said...

Hey, it's working! I also like the Glock and laptop idea.

Joan De La Haye

Kim Stagliano said...

Worked fine for me! Congrats on the new blog! Kim

I see you...

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