Sunday, August 12, 2018

Thoughts of an author ...

I've been pretty busy having to hustle a fair bit to get to the target in my Pledgeme campaign, which is how it is, so that's all good.

I have learned things though. Unexpected things and also, things I knew but can now confirm without any doubt.

It's been interesting. Yes, let's call it interesting.

As I write this the campaign is sitting on $1000, only $600 short of the target!! Pretty exciting! Fingers crossed I make it, otherwise, I won't achieve my goal.  But regardless I will have uncovered some things during this exercise that will mean fewer disappointments down the track for me personally.

Stuff I think about:

1. I am glad I chose writing not acting. (Writing is infinitely easier than acting.)
2. Ellie has grown a lot in the last two years.
3. She still hates honey.
4. Don't bake when you're annoyed or stressed.
5. The fastest way to find out who your real supporters and cheerleading section are is to ask people to put their money where their mouths are.
6. It makes me nervous knowing both my sons are on the other side of the world at the same time even though my youngest son is only in Europe for a short while.
7. I truly enjoy helping people on their writing journey and last week I helped several people.
8. PopUp Business School Upper Hutt Support group is filled with amazing people.
9. The sky is blue, water is wet.
10. Zoo was a really enjoyable series.
11. It's time The Byte books were a TV series.
12. I have no time for drama created by idiots.
13. When I'm working. I'm working.
14. I wish it was September already.

I see you...

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